From Wartime Pioneers to Designing the Iconic MultiDrawer: A Legacy of Innovation at Bisley

From Wartime Pioneers to Designing the Iconic MultiDrawer: A Legacy of Innovation at Bisley

Posted by Bisley Store on Mar 19th 2024

We take immense pride in our British legacy, where decades of experience seamlessly blend with a relentless spirit of innovation. While the world around us may change, our core values remain constant – a dedication to our people and a passion for creating beautifully designed, functional furniture solutions. Join us as we explore Bisley's past and discover how we're crafting the future of the workplace.

A Brief History:

Bisley's story isn't your typical office furniture tale. It's a journey that began in 1931 with a man named Freddy Brown, a panel beater with a passion for luxury cars. But life, as it often does, had other plans. Freddy's garage in St John’s, Woking, Surrey, transformed from a haven for dented luxury cars into a wartime manufacturer. Here, Bisley's ingenuity took flight — literally. They designed and produced the very first containers built to survive parachute drops, a game-changer widely adopted by airborne forces.

The war ended, and Bisley, with its newfound manufacturing prowess, found itself at a crossroads. Enter a serendipitous encounter with a London wholesaler and the need for a simple steel wastepaper bin. This seemingly mundane object sparked a turning point. Bisley secured the order, and the rest, as they say, is history.

But Bisley wasn't content with just bins. In 1958, Freddy himself dreamt up the MultiDrawer, inspired by the humble letter tray. This compact cabinet, now a global bestseller with over two million units sold, became a testament to Bisley's dedication to organization and quality. Even today, you might find some of those original models still faithfully serving their purpose!

Fast forward to 1970, and the torch is passed to Tony Brown. Under his leadership, Bisley expanded rapidly. The company introduced its first filing cabinet in the 80s, followed by international expansion and prestigious awards like the Queen's Award for Export Achievement. It wasn't just about growth; it was about innovation. The Universal Pedestal, LateralFile storage system, and the award-winning Be by Bisley – each product is a testament to Bisley's commitment to evolving workplace needs.

But Bisley's impact extends beyond the office. In 2021, Bisley proudly supported the NHS by supplying vital storage solutions for Covid testing centers and also provided storage for centers overseeing Britain's exit from the EU.

Looking to the future, Bisley remains dedicated to design excellence. Our MultiDrawer recently received the Design Guild Mark, and we continue to push boundaries with new product lines like the beloved Fern.

At Bisley, our story is one of adaptation, innovation, and a commitment to quality that has endured for over 90 years. It's a story that started with a love for luxury cars and blossomed into a brand synonymous with smart and stylish storage solutions for every space, from the office to the home.